What is Mudface?

Mudface is a 100% natural, pure and safe beauty product which has been used for hundreds of years around the world - Authentic Fuller’s Earth!

What are the benefits of using Mudface?

Using Fuller’s Earth is believed to cleanse, absorb oil, reduce blemishes, lighten skin and control acne.

Why are there clumps in my sachet?

We do not add any anti-caking agents, preservatives or chemicals to Mudface. Our product is vacuum sealed and shipped to us, so as a result, you may find clumps of fine clay in your sachet. But never fear, these will simply dissolve when mixed into a mask.

Where is Mudface sourced from?

Our supplier is an internationally recognised, certified exporter of herbs and herbal products from India. They source pure Fuller’s Earth from special geographic regions in Rajasthan, India, that are well known for natural and pure occurrence. The product is free from artificial colours, flavours, aromatics, sterilizers, sythentic solvents, pesticides, insecticides and other chemical substances. They trade globally, do not use child labour, and all products are animal cruelty free.

How many times a week do I use Mudface?

For people suffering from oily skin and acne, use mudface 3-4 times a week. For normal/combination skin, use 1-2 times a week. As with any product, ensure you listen to your skin and if it’s feeling excessively dry, reduce your mask application frequency.

I’ve received my shipment of Mudface, now what?

Simply open the box, remove and open the cardboard tube, and empty the Fuller’s Earth Sachet into your stylish tube. Store tube in a cool, dry place and use when required. Be sure to reuse or recycle the box packaging, tube and plastic sachet.

How do I make a Mudface mask?

To make a basic mask, mix ½ tsp of Mudface with ½ tsp of water. Mix to form a smooth paste and apply over your face (clean and dry). Leave until mask dries (no longer than 20 minutes) and rinse off with cool water. Moisturise after to avoid excessive drying.

What if I break out or get a reaction after using the mask?

Mudface is 100% natural, however for some people with sensitive skin, you may experience redness after washing off the mask. This should subside within an hour. For stronger masks using vinegar or lemon juice, this is a normal occurrence. However, as with all new beauty products, your skin may need to adjust, so if you do break out, try again after a few days and notice how your skin feels.

If discomfort and irritation occurs frequently, immediately discontinue using Mudface.

Why the plastic sachet?

We can’t guarantee a dry, cool environment in our fulfilment centres. To ensure you receive the highest quality Mudface, we made the decision to package the Mudface in a BPA free ziplock bag. This ensures your Mudface is delivered dry, clean and ready to be poured into the cardboard tube.

How long will 1 tube of Mudface last?

There will be approximately 50 masks in your Mudface tube. So depending on how often you apply a Mudface mask, you will have 3-6 months’ worth of supply!